Shadow is 100% Quarterhorse. People have a hard time believing this because he is 17 hands and 1500+ lbs. He is my heart horse, beautiful in appearance and spirit. His color is buckskin - some would call it sooty buckskin because it can be quite dark. He is a different color in the winter and summer - I call him my dirt colored horse because you can never tell by looking if he's dirty or not! He was bred by Ryan Schultz of Gettysburg, PA and we bought him as a yearling. For Shad's journal, detailing our adventures, click here.

Spring 2011. Shad feeling his oats after a nice morning roll!

Shad and Hank at the Eitan clinic

Shad has been "taking care of" Henry while Austin is laid up. They have been hitting the trails quite a bit and they are quite a handsome pair in their western gear! Henry will take him to an Eitan Beth-Halechemy (?sp) clinic later in the summer. Imagine he will also ride him at the Dennis Reis clinic in the fall.

Just a nice head shot - he's such a pretty horse!

My sleepy boy - resting up after Mounted Cowboy Shooting.

Shad has a bad shoe day!

A girl, a horse and a dog

Thanks to Roger Stranc for capturing this morning moment.

Cowboy shooting.

A Sherry Ackerman clinic

Goofing around.


Shad at Foxcroft.  Shari Glickman photo
Foxcroft warmup

Shad hanging out with Biz - April 2008

Practicing canter halfpass - spring 2007

Head shot - spring 2008

Practicing with Henry for the Dennis Reis clinic - spring 2008. Bro-in-law Pat supervising.

WHEEEEEE! We had our first jumping lesson with Leslie Deering of Glendevon Stables. Henry came along to take pictures, but by the time we were actually jumping, it was getting pretty dark, but I do have evidence that we cleared a fence!

Shad getting a really nice jumping canter. Ky trying to get stablized in the leg.

Wheee! Shad jumps! It was getting dark out, so definitely an action photo! LOL