Sultry City aka Austin

Austin is Henry's new horse. He is a 2002 model - 6 years old this April and just came home from Penn National. He seemed to have a lot of sense and a great attitude as well as being nicely put together and an all around attractive guy.

Austin is nicely bred - click here for his pedigree.

Austin went to California with Henry for the Dennis Reis month-long clinic. Unfortunately, he got kicked early on and sat the whole thing out. He is slowly slowly improving, but it's looking like a long layup for him.

Here's Austin & Henry at Cowboy shooting. We were hanging out waiting for the awards ceremony. Don't they look happy and relaxed?

6/28 Austin canters! This is a little photo essay of Austin cantering. He has cantered a bit on the trails, but this is his first "ring" canter. It isn't always pretty, but he is trying. For a first effort at a balanced canter, it could be a lot worse.!



6/1 Just a quick note. Austin continues to settle in and prove what a good mind he has. Wotta pone!

5/4 More Austin updates. This guy is just too good to be true!

Hank has been bonding with him all week. So today he decided to put the bareback pad on him and see how he was. Well, he was pretty mellow - so c'mon along for the (first) ride!

Hanging on the fence.

Leaning and smooching.

How is he taking this preparation for mounting thing? zzzzz

Stepping on.

What are you doing over there?

Going for a walk.

More walking - starting to relax.

Really relaxed.

The boys - so cute!

Austin was good as gold. Smokey was working in the ring next to the round pen, which distracted him a trifle, but over all he was great. Kind of stiff, no bending <g>, but very willing to try to figure stuff out.

5/2 Here are some updated Austin pics.

Hanging around in the ring.

That yee-haw TB canter. We are calling this the "before" picture.

Zoom Zoom Zoom.

Is this a yummy trot or what?

Does anyone know about horse spots? They are like teeny weeny dapples. Interesting.


He trailered home great and is settling in nicely already. He has a future as an all arounder!

Here you can see his perfect star. What you can't see is that our friend Pat was standing next to me with a plastic bag over her head to keep the rain off. Pretty sensible for a horse straight off the track, eh?

He almost has a quarterhorse rear end! And I think you can tell that he has a nice broad chest. Still a little looky lou - he is only 5 minutes off the trailer.

Stay tuned for his further adventures with Henry!