Local Clinics & Events

This is a fabulous area for dressage with lots happening almost all the time!

Wendy Murdoch

Just completed a clinic with Wendy Murdoch. She is the area monthly and is well worth attending, either to ride or audit.

August 2008

Lisa Clark clinic at Paradise stables. For more info on Lisa - see her web page.

I only got a few pics, but it was a great clinic. We were having our indoor "garden party" working the horses around and under a tent set up inside the arena. Pones were all stars!

Lisa leg yielding Shadow under the tent. It was like trying to parallel park a diesel truck in a very small parking space!


July 2008

We did a cowboy versatility event at Double Rock Farm in Rocky Ridge, MD. That was pretty fun!

Just to show that Austin is only ALMOST perfect.

Settling down.

Back to normal.

Our friend John takes a dip.

Shad working on crossing the bridge.

Here we are at the gate. The "pin the tail" horse rear is quite apparent.


Photos courtesy of Doug Augburn.




Some pics of Henry and Shadow preparing for the Dennis Reis clinic.

Henry teaching Shadow to read the instructions.

Playing with the flag.


More flag stuff.

Buds. Bro-in-law Pat watches in the background.