Our Horses

They teach us.

NeverBlue's Horses

We have a variety of horses here at NeverBlue farm ranging from fancy show horses to great trail horses (and some are both!) Focused mainly on dressage, we also trail ride. Some folks nearby are putting on an extreme cowboy race and we are thinking about giving that a spin. We have done several judged pleasure rides with our crew and usually do pretty well.

Here are Henry on Shad and Karen on Biz working on bomb-proofing with a scary bag full of aluminum cans!

Here's Hank playing some more with Shad.


Click on the pictures below for more information about each of our horses.



Mouse & Henry
Mouse - RIP

Shad at Foxcroft




Pro -RIP

Mark Rashid is a marvelous horseman. Click on the Amazon links below for his books.

This is a fabulous photo documentary of Mark and Kathleen's travels.