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Just to keep the main knitting page a manageable size, here is the knitting archive. I will archive finished objects off to this area periodically.

Teosinte Socks - Finished

The yarn is Lightweight sock yarn from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock club in colorway "Flower Power". I wasn't wild about the color on the skein, but once I swatched it, decided it was really cute. These socks are destined as a Christmas present. You will see a definite theme on this page regarding seasonal gifts!

These started out as Conwy from Knitting on the Road, but the Conwy pattern is more suited for a contemplative sock vs a quick knit for Christmas! I had only done about an inch, so I ripped that out and started over again with Teosinte last night! So when is the start date for these socks? You can find Teosinte at Anne Hanson's website. She is a phenomenal designer - her work is definitely worth your attention. Lots of fun socks and check out her shawls!

UPDATE: DONE! and Oh so cute! (OOPS _ whacked the image. Will have to see if I can find it.)


Started: Mid-November
Finished: January 5, 2008
Pattern: Anne Hanson's Tesosinte
Yarn: BMFA lightweight - Flower Power - 1 skein
Needles: #0 Addi's

My fave sock books:



The Lion Scarf - Finished!

This is a fun scarf. Knit lengthwise out of stash yarn, I don't even know what's in it. Definitely a smorgasbord of yellows!

Started: Early December
Finished: Mid December
Pattern: None
Yarn: Assorted Stash yarn

Finished size: Long!
Needles: #11 Addi Circs


Fuzzy Purple Scarf - Finished!

This is a fun scarf out of purple novelty yarn from Dancing Leaf Farm. Picked it up on the Fall studio tour and thought it would make a fun scarf!


Started: Early December
Finished: Mid December
Pattern: None. Lengthwise knitted scarf.
Coming soon
Finished size: Long!
Needles: #10 Addi Circs


Copper & Steel Scarf - WIP


This is a Moebius scarf based on Cat Bordhi's book.


Started: Mid December
Pattern: Based on Cat Bordhi's Moebius
Yarn: Two Colors of Brooks Farm Primera (these are festival colors and not part of their standard palette)
one skein of novelty yarn (will fill in details in later - just trying to get pics up!)
Finished size:
Needles: #9 Addi Circs


"That Little Scarf" - Anne Hanson

This came out gorgeous! But sadly the photo is horrid - will try to get a better one this weekend.


Started: Mid December
Finished: Mid December
Pattern: That Little Scarf - Anne Hanson
Yarn: Ellen Coopers Yarn Sonnets Fine Merino - colorway Strazzberry
(a bit less than one skein)
Finished size: Coming soon
Needles: #5 Rosewood Lantern Moon


"Parker's Scarf " - Finished

This was a crazy quick scarf for Christmas. I had knit Parker a hat earlier in the year after his head injury, so this was a matching scarf out of the left over yarn. I knit it lengthwise and just mixed up varying panels of stockinette and reverse stockinette. It's wonderfully soft and drapy.

Started: Mid December
Finished: Late December
Pattern: None - just mixed up knit and purl rows.
Yarn: Leftover koigu

Finished size: About 7"x70"
Needles: #6 Addi circs.

"Leaf Lace Scarf " - me


This is a pretty little leaf lace motif from the Barbara Walker pattern books. I did it in Alpaca Kid Lustre on # 7 needles. It was a nice quick knit for Christmas!

Started: Mid December
Finished: Late December
Pattern: Leaf Lace Scarf
Yarn: Alpaca Kid Lustre - 2 skeins

Finished size: about 7x54
Needles: #6 Rosewood Lantern Moon


The Scharf

This is a fun little knit. My sis is allergic to wool and finding herself in a yarn shop in Montana (Bozeman?) asked the folks there for recommendations. They sold her two skeins of Berroco Chinchilla in an outrageous pink and included a cute little pattern for a shawl/scarf combo. I finished it up with - no lie - 18" of yarn to spare!

This is another pure garter stitch scarf based on diagonal knitting. It comes out almost like a large bandana. I tried to find the pattern online, but haven't been able to. If I can get permission to post it, I will as it's quick knit that would be cute in any fuzzy novelty yarn and probably would be very pretty in a mohair blend. I am not sure how it would look with a crisper yarn, maybe will try it with some of the stash lying around because it's a nice little scarf.


Started: Late October
Finished: Early November
Pattern: Scharf pattern from a yarn shop in Montana
Yarn: PINK Berroco Chinchilla
Finished size: 14" deep x 48" long
Needles: #11


Giotto Ribbed Scarf

More Christmas stuff. This is a quickie little ribbed scarf out of Colinette Giotto. I simply did a 3x3 rib and knit until I ran out of yarn. Very fun to knit and it was quite fast. I didn't block this one for two reasons. One is the last Giotto scarf I blocked looked like crap after blocking and the other is that a poofy ribbed scarf like this is plenty fun without blocking.

I love the colors (which as usual are much more gorgeous in real life than photos), but it's not really my fave yarn. I am not wild about the feel or the drape. I think it does work better in combo with other yarns, so probably will reserve it for wild and crazy mixed yarn scarves in future.

Started: Early November
Finished: Mid-November
Pattern: 3x3 Ribbing
Yarn: Colinette Giotto (color=I forget) 1 skein
Needles: #11 Aluminums
Finished Size: 2.5" (4" poofed out) x 72 "

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

This is another Christmas gift from a pattern that has been circulating the web for a while with lots of variations. This is the first time I tried it - it's a very easy knit, a little boring since it's all garter stitch, but knits up quickly and looks really cute. Directions for the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf are here. I used the finishing variation at the bottom of the directions and it came out very nice. A cool lace variation can be found here - Lace Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. I haven't done this one yet, but it looks quite interesting.

I love how it came out this yarn - Traci Bunkers Superwash Sock yarn. It's a heavy sock yarn, almost worsted weight, knit up beautifully on #7 needles and is the most sproingy, delish stuff to work with. The photo captures the color reasonably well (actual color is richer and deeper), but what is really missing is the almost pearly sheen of the yarn. It's really beautiful stuff! Traci is redoing her website, but she has an Etsy store too - Traci Bunkers Etsy Store

Started: Early November
Finished: November 22
Pattern: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Yarn: Traci Bunkers Superwash Sock (3 skeins)
Finished size: 5"x55" unblocked
Needles: #7 Lantern Moon straights

Silkie Socks

The yarn is Silkie from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock club. Love love love this yarn. It's awesome. The socks are a mish mosh of ideas from Sensational Knitted Socks, Knitty's toe up sock tutorial, Denise's Toe up Socks with gussetted heels, etc. They are turning out quite nice!

Just turned the heel on both and picked up gusset stitches on one. Once I get gusset stitches picked up on both socks, I will go back to doing both at once, but I can't wrap my mind around it for turning the heel! <g>

Slip stitch heel detail - it came out so pretty! Love it!

Started: Early September 2007
Finished: November 3, 2007
Pattern: Making them up as I go.
Yarn: BMFA Silkie
Needles: #1 Addi's

My fave sock books:



Peg's Vest

This is actually a variation on the Navajo Vest from Folks Vests. Peg found the yarn at Sheep and Wool 2006 and loved it, so I said "I'll make you something out of it!" And I did, but it took a year and a half - is my face red?!? The yarn is a worsted weight superwash wool, hand-dyed by Roz Houseknecht. It knit up beautifully - very soft and lovely to work with.

I experimented a bit with mixing colors to follow the pattern more faithfully, but didn't like the look, so I finally did some diagonal seed stitch and some purl rows and roughly followed the pattern for placement of the areas of interest. I did the armbands in ribbing and the back of the neck in ribbing, but the rest of the banding was in seed stitch. Very pleased with how it came out.

It was really a fun knit and the side-to-side format lets you show off the color variations in a nice vertical format - very slimming!

Peg's Vest

Links & resources


Folk Vests: 25 Knitting Patterns & Tales from Around the World (Folk Knitting series)

Started: September 2006
Finished: October 20
Pattern: Variation on from Folk Vests
Yarn: Hand-dyed superwash from Roz Houseknecht
Needles: #8 & #6 old plastic ones I had lying around!



Entrelac Scarf

My current Work in Progress is an entrelac scarf out of Sea Silk. It's coming out simply beautiful - very hard to capture the beauty of the work, but it looks like ripples on the water. Yummy!

This is now finished, but the pics I got were awful, so will have to retry. Directions coming soon!

Sea Silk Entrelace Scarf

Entrelac links & resources

Entrelac Article Carol Wyche

Interweave Knits at Amazon. Great recent article on entrelac socks.

Started: September 2007
Finished: October 19
Pattern: My own entrelac-6 stitch block
Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Silk - color Capri
Needles: #3 Addi Lace (they are great for working with silk!)



Baltic Sea Stole


This is from a pattern by Faina Letoutchaia. I did it in laceweight silk - Schaefer Andrea. It took a LOOOOONG time. Love the pattern and might do it again, but it won't be in laceweight! LOL

This is one of the hardest yarns to photograph I have ever had to mess with. I think it's how the camera "sees" the purples and the reds. The detail photo is pretty close.

Baltic sea stole - scale
Detail - that's a nickel that the thread-like silk yarn is draped over!
Some fave lace knitting books at Amazon:
Baltic Sea Stole
After Blocking - pattern detail



Baltic Sea Stole
Draped over the balcony - after blocking. This shawl looks gorgeous draped over almost anything!

Started: ??? Fall 2006 (or maybe it was 2005?)
Finished: 9/15/2007
Pattern: Baltic Sea Stole (Faina Letoutchaia)
Yarn: Schaeffer Andrea
Needles: #4 Bamboo

White (Not) Lacey Moebius Shawl

This is based on a pattern by Cat Bordhi. The original was done in a light weight white yarn, but this one is done in Ella Rae Shibu, a DK weight silk yarn. It came out beautiful and you should feel it. Very cooshy! The yarn is a slightly grayed out blue, but I think the photo grays it out a bit more than it is in real life. A very fun knit! The moebius stuff is soooo cool.

Shibu Moebius

Started: Late August 2007
Finished: 9/11/2007
Pattern: White Lacey Moebius Shawl (Cat Bordhi)
Yarn: Ella Rae Shibu (4 skeins)
Needles: #6 Addi Lace

For Cat's Books: