Welcome to our home

I have collected so many beautiful photos of our place that I want to keep them all in one place.

Feel free to browse around the farm in all weathers and times of day.

Some miscellaneous 2011 stuff


Sauteed tomatoes with onions, garlic and fresh basil. Too bad it's not scratch & sniff!

Resurrection Lilies


All weeded and mulched. The place cleans up nice!

Momma duck with babies. I "herded" them out of the yarn and down towards the pond because I didn't want the dogs to get frisky with them. Very cute!

See all the little white stuff? That's HAIL! Yikes!

May 2011

Hmmmm. Not weeded >--- Weeded.

Clematis about to pop

I don't know what these are, but I love 'em.

Is this the most elegant iris or what?

RED peony


April 2011


Spring is on the way.

March 2011


Skitz - natural camo!

This was supposed to be a really bad snowstorm per the Farmer's Almanac. oops!

What an outstanding morning sky that was. I couldn't get the sun and the moon in the same pic.

A teeny sliver of smokey moon in the morning sky.

December 2010



November 2010


September 2010


August 2010

A hazy summer morning

Just rained.

July 2010

Fresh raspberries - yummm!


June 2010

Our Stuck Tractor

I just want to say that neither I nor Henry drove the tractor into the bog!


Nice how that rear wheel is blocked by the fence post, eh? I was thinking maybe we just pull out the fence post and back the tractor out.

quite a conundrum.

May 2010

The brown dinner!

April 2010

Front moving in

January 2010

Not sure of the date on this. Just a winter sunrise that I thought was beautiful!

Another beautiful winter sunrise.

Futile attempt to clear the ring of LOTS of snow!

This isn't really a winter photo - but you can use it to warm up from the winter pics!

The Wreck


So Callas apparently slides into the fence!

Fence blown to bits. Note top rail somehow survives.

Even the posts got blitzed!

Back to regularly scheduled beauty shots

Doesn't this look yummy? Wild salmon with broccoli.

This is "don't ride your horse over the lawn when it's still squishy".


November 2009

Haven't posted much lately. Here's some more!

The full moon. So beautiful and mysterious

Sunrise - early November

Early morning

I love our morning views!

August 2009

Actually, not all of these are August. I have been a little remiss in cataloging my photos! So they are really summer 09

Hoffman Seachrist

Chestnut Grove - looking towards the mountains

January 2009

December 2008

We have had several stunning sunrises in December. It's only 12/9 and lookee!



12/6 First Snow

12/6 First Snow



November 2008

Crazy late tomatoes!

October 2008

Orange Echinacea - beautiful!

So serene.

September 2008

August 2008

Sultry summer morning

The view to the north

Another morning.

Tall Phlox.

Hidden Surprise!

This is a German Tomato - looks like fire!

A fabulous yellow petunia.

Beautiful and smells heavenly!


and a perfect pink rose.




The daylilies are out.



My favorite.



July 2008


June 2008

Visit from a friend. Our pal Roger came in with his big rig for a visit. Wish I had gotten video of him maneuvering his truck around our somewhat limited turn radius. Whatta pro!

Truck parked in front yard


May 2008

A quiet morning

The horses coming in for breakfast.

Peonies just ready to burst.

April 2008 & earlier shots

Just to stay cheerful through the dark and gloomy winter! These are oriental poppies, Bartzella peonies and wild geranium. The Bartzella is from Swenson gardens.

Tulips 2008

Pink Tulips


Magnolias 2008