Our Corgi boys


We have two Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Both have done the show dog "thing" and are finished champions, but they are now retired from the ring and are living the farm dog life.

Rowdy - blowing coat! He is one furry pup!

Bucket on the head!

Playing with the barn cat, Skitz.

A couple of head shots of the boys!



Here's a stack of Corgis!


Rowdy cleaned up in the show ring. He's a great mover and has attitude to spare. He has done a little herding. I wish I had time to work more with him on herding as I think he would be great at it. He did a little bit of agility, but is a cautious sort, so kinda did it in slo-mo, which was pretty funny, but which told me he didn't think it was all that much fun.

So now he's just senior farm dog and master ground hog hunter.

Speaking of groundhog hunting - this is the aftermath of his latest close encounter with a groundhog. The groundhog is no longer with us, but he got quite a chomp out of Rowdy.


Rowdy lives life with great intensity!

Even when he's relaxing, he has quite an air, eh?


Gunner took a while to finish. He is more correct than Rowdy, but is also quite a dork! He gets very ADD and has never owned the ring the way Rowdy does. But he is very snuggly and loyal and stays with me as I do farm chores. I never did agility with him - somehow, I have a picture in mind of poles flying and tunnels rolling around in a mad way.

Snuggling with Henry.

Keeping an eye on activities around the farm.

Corgis have many good qualities, but shedding is NOT one of them.

Sniffing the spring breeze - April 2008

Is he the cutest thing or what?

The duo

Shot from the loft. Two corgis in "frog dog" position! Well, one - Gunner moved!