April 2011

First turnout after a series of rainy days. Sig catches some airtime!

And ready to roll...

and rock...


Late March 2011. Sig's first ride at NeverBlue. Hopped on this afternoon and did our first ride. He was super well-behaved. Stood for mounting at the mounting block. He doesn't understand leg aids much yet, but very quickly figured out what was asked. He was stepping to the bridle nicely in both directions, has an adequate halt - we will need to work on making that a little lighter and okay steering. Did a little bit of spiraling in and out on the circle and a little bit of turn on the forehand. Very pleasant and quick to learn. He does stick his tongue out to the left - definitely need to see about getting his teeth checked and then will see what we can do to decrease that behavior.


Early March 2011. Sig is the latest addition to the NeverBlue Herd. A 2005 model, he just turned six. He came off the track last summer and spent the winter letting down at Three Plain Bays Farm in Conowingo. We just picked him up yesterday and already he is settling in nicely.

He's definitely in his winter coat, so looks a little furry and rough, but he will soon be sleek and shiny!



Austin and Sig hanging out

Grinching at Austin!

Two very fine butts! Note the nice tail - very important!


Fun Watching Pones!

Pulled this off the home page because I like it.