Snowpocalypse - February 2010

Saturday afternoon - it was starting to slack off a little and we thought maybe we had better get started with the clearing effort. Here is the loader - not quite ready to go.
Clearing loader
Hank working on clearing the loader. You can see the hand-dug (by me!) path heading down to the barn
snow blower
Hank had to abandon using the loader. Too much snow for it to get any traction and there was no place to put all the snow! You can see that snow is a bit over knee high here.
Sat Am
Sunday morning - cold, clear and beautiful - but dang! Lots of snow out there!
Upstairs view
View from the upstairs window - haven't dug out the path to the woodshed yet. The snowblower was struggling with all the snow - we found if we hand dug a narrow path first, the snowblower worked much better. Oh the aching backs!
Another view from upstairs. Henry did all of that with the snowblower!
Another shot from the upstairs window. You can see how much snow is on the trailer roof (see the overhang?) the tenants porch and the barn roof. I have to say that I am still a little worried about the barn roof, although the high winds on Sat afternoon did blow a bunch of snow off the top.

A closeup of the tractor - isn't it sculptural? LOL
Here is the ground level before picture of the path to the woodshed. This was our Sunday am project.
Me and my "helper" walking down the newly plowed path. These little snow paths are kind of claustrophobic anyhow and when you have a corgi right on your heels, even more so!
Tada! #2
My helper takes a bow.
The woodshed path, now enhanced by snowblower.
Hank clearing more snow.

Hank clearing more snow.

Hank clearing more snow! Do you sense a theme here?

Corgi-eye view of the driveway.

Corgi-eye veiw of the path to the barn.

Corgi-eye view of the path to the woodshed (before snow blowing)

Rowdy surveying our progress.